How can TEREC help you

TEREC is an economic service which will help all registered within the system, it will help to polarise all organisations working within a community to ensure that the skills required for the economic growth are in place. It will help to plan an individual's career Choice to ensure that they have the right education, skills and qualifications for the economic growth of the area that they wish to move into. It will also help to plan New Business Start-ups, Small to Medium size business growth by helping to reduce the cash flow out of the company and to open up new business relationships with companies wishing to expand into an area.. TEREC will also help the Inner City Regeneration Programs so that a positive Marketing Tool can be shown to help bring new company expansion into an area.

The success of any economic growth is that all have to work in partnership to create a greater understanding of what is required to ensure that the right skills are in place for the future development of the community and by doing this it will have a knock-on effect to the social environment therein.


Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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