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The CV

You will find lots of free resume / CV writing advice and tips on these pages so please bookmark this site now so that you can return to it in the future. On our other pages you will find tips and advice on how you can successfully find a job and handle interviews, links to over 400,000 jobs and much more.

The word Curriculum Vitae literally translated means the story of your life. The words Curriculum Vitae are usually abbreviated to CV or C.V. and you will sometimes see it incorrectly written in lower case as c.v. or cv. The possessive form of Curriculum Vitae / CV should be written as Curriculum Vitae's or C.V.'s or CVs, but not as c.v.'s or cv's.

Your CV is a very important document; with it rest your hopes and dreams for the future - that next step up the career ladder, a better position, more money, new challenges, etc. Your CV therefore has to represent the best you have to offer if you do not want to miss out on that job you saw which was 'perfect' for you.

These days employers often receive a lot of CVs for each advertised position - jobs advertised in national papers can often attract hundreds of applicants. So your CV has to be just that little bit special to stand out if you want to obtain interviews. The good news (for you) is that the jobs in the TEREC System will not have been advertised as yet and therefore gives you the chance before most people. Therefore having the right CV drawn outlining the Job Discription will enhance your application greatly.

Of course your CV can continue to work in your favour even after it has obtained an interview for you. It can help you at an interview by carefully focusing the interviewer's mind on your good points and on your achievements. Once you have left the interview it will continue to work in your favour as the interviewer will probably reread it before making a decision, either on who should be invited to the second interview stage or who the job should be offered to.

Sell yourself via your CV

Recognising that you need quick access to the jobs you’re looking for, TEREC is in the process of changing the way you job search. By adding categories this will enable you to specify the exact role you’d like to work in and will also highlight your transferable skills should you wish to develop your existing employment path or change career.

Let employers know what job you want.

You can see the first step of this enhancement in your TEREC job search. When asked to define your target job, you can pinpoint the positions you are interested in more accurately by industry, job title and occupation. This is an opportunity to let employers know exactly what jobs you are interested in so they can contact you with more relevant positions.

Remember your CV will have the same searchable categories so 'make your CV searchable’ to allow employers to contact you with jobs you want.

What are you waiting for?

Let TEREC work harder for you. Register or update your CV details now!

Pinpoint your next career move.

Our continued updating of our job categories will allow you to search for the job that you want with precision pinpointing of the positions you are interested in. The results will be far more specific to you and there will be significantly less jobs to look through.

Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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