Being Made Redundant

For those being made redundant they can upgrade or seek new skills to which will help them remain in employment but it will be the employment of their Choice. They will have the time scale to get this training and/or education for the position that they have applied for. They will be able to build their CV which will be made available to companies using the TEREC system and they will also have access to any company that is moving into their area before the jobs have been advertised.

If you are about to loose your job through redundancy contact the link above to ensure that the correct information available to you.

Register with TEREC and we will build your CV which will be made available to all incoming companies expanding into your local area. This will also help you identify the skills required for the positions being created and allow you a timescale to help you plan the career move that suits you.  

Also contact the TUC which will help you indentify the Union that represent you and your colleagues.

TEREC can help you start up your own business, working with Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise, TEREC will help you build a buisness plan that is much more positive and one which will afford you a timescale to develop and grow.

You may even wish to take up a Franchise which TEREC can help you source and develop any staff requirements that are needed which will help reduce your start up, recruitment and training costs. Contact the BFA which will give you and overview of what Franchise are available and the legal requirements needed.

TEREC can set you up with the Cleaner Slates programme which was designed and initiated to help to clean up your local environment and also help the disadvantaged gain employment. There is a training programme designed to help you from business start-up through to Health & Safety Certification. 

Now we can start to turn a very negative situation into something that has a great deal of potential and showing what can be achieved when everyone works together that we really can turn negatives into positives.

Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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