Reducing Staffing Levels

Any company that has access to the TEREC system who have to reduce their staffing levels through redundancies can reduce the stress to themselves and to their employees. By having TEREC in place they can plan the redundancies so that those about to lose their jobs can identify what is moving or expanding into their area and who will require the skills that they have, the opportunity to apply for these jobs, get to the interview, be offered the job and therefore reduce all the strain, stress and anxiety that being made redundant causes. It will have a greater impact on employee/employer relationship as it will show that the company has made available something to help them remain in employment. It will also help incoming companies the opportunity to help ease what is happening and therefore making a positive move within the community which can only be good for any incoming company wishing to expand into the area and may help with planning applications.

1.      They will be able to research companies that are expanding in their area looking for their skills.

2.      Better relationship with employers as they will have employees leaving their employ knowing that they have another job to go to.

3.      Better union/employer relationship.

4.      Fewer people going onto the unemployment register.

5.      Their redundancy pay remains theirs.

6.      They have the opportunity to upgrade their skills for the future jobs that they have researched.

7.      Less stress for all concerned when redundancies take place.

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