Allison Clelland


Date: 16th Aug 2007


Dear George,

I have been working at the Royal Oak since Feb. 2007 and in this time I have enjoyed my work. I have had to take more medication than I would normally do but this has been fine so far.

The employers have made me very welcome and are understanding of my illness and I have been made to feel comfortable in my surroundings.

I must confess I have had a lot of bad days and still feel a bit out of control at times but we have in place safety nets to help me through this.

I believe because the business is family run that this has been a comfort to me and that everyone has been of great support. When needed they have been there and that has helped build and boost my confidence.

I still feel I could give more but 13 years at home has been hard and hopefully time and their help can only help me improve and move forward.

I would also like to thank you and the TEREC team for their help in putting this all together.

Thank you

Alison Clelland

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