Employment Service/JCP

The JCP will be able to use the system to help the unemployed back into work with the knowledge of the local economic development and the companies, skills and training that will be required to fulfil what is expanding into any given area. They will be able to provide the right training organisation to the client and therefore reduce time wasting and funding. A greater relationship will be created as the clients that they are sending to a Training Provider have the opportunity to go back into employment but most importantly it will be the employment of the client’s Choice and will reduce them becoming unemployed again in the near future.

1.      Better attended programmes.

2.      Better outcomes.

3.      Word of mouth from clients to friends.

4.      Lower unemployment.

5.      Lower costs to the tax payer.

6.      Being able to identify those who do not want to work.

7.      Good morale.

8.      Better relationship between clients and advisors.

9.      Better understanding of clients needs.

Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

Potential Employment 'Choices' in


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