Training Provider/Organisation

You will be able to help plan your clients back into employment and identify their training and/or educational requirements for the position that they wish to apply for. You will be able to get them interview ready knowing what is required for the position. Your clients will be able to choose who they wish to work for and it will be the employment of their Choice and this will result in a more motivate person knowing that there is a job at the end of the training. You will be able to build up a relationship with incoming employers and know what training will be needed and therefore give you the opportunity to adjust your training courses to suit the skills required for the positions being created. Working with TEREC this will help you generate a greater client turn around knowing that your client's are going back into work and it is the employment of their Choice.

  1. More positive thinking client.

  2. More clients going into employment.

  3. Higher standards.

  4. Better employer/provider relationship.

  5. Client satisfaction.

  6. Low absenteeism.

  7. Less stress for tutors.

  8. Better working relationship between client and tutor.

  9. A greater understanding of the clients needs.

Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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