With the job seeker being able to identify what is moving into their area can only be of great benefit to you as a company and employer because the people that apply to you for employment will know that you are the company that they want to work for and have an understanding of the skills, education, qualifications and certificates required for the positions that your company will create. You will be able to interview them and have an input into any training that may be required to bring them up to the standard that you require. You will have all the staff ready for when the doors open properly trained and who know each other. Your training and start up costs will be reduced because you have the time scale to work with the training organisations, client advisors and/or education departments allowing them to get their clients back into employment but the employment that their clients wish to pursue. You will be able to search CVs for the skills that are required for positions that are being created or if someone is leaving so that you can have them in place and trained by the person who is leaving so that when they go you have continuity.

Working with TEREC the company will be able to save on recruitment and training costs which will have a more positive impact on business development and growth.

1. Better trained staff.

2. Trained for the position of employment

3. Programme of training designed by employers

4. Employees productive from day one

5. Lower production cost

6. Less wastage

7. Higher quality of products

8. Better customer care

9. Employment satisfaction (employee)

10. Low absenteeism.

11. Lower training costs

12. Lower recruitment costs

13. A good investment for future training.

14. Higher staff morale


Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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