Royal Oak Hotel

Terec Date: 19th April 2007

Ref: JMcG/KM

Dear George,

Just to bring you up to date on our TEREC Project. Alison, Cath, Tracy and Jean are working out very well. Michelle started work on Friday under the guidance of our housekeeper. We hope that she will find it suitable and enjoyable.

I would like to thank you very much for the invaluable help that you have given to The Royal Oak Hotel over the past few weeks, filling our needs so successfully under your TEREC Scheme. We look forward to a continued association in the future.

I have spoken to Crawford Mitchell of (S & N) E P about your scheme, so if you get a call from him you will know what it is about. He is very interested as he has about six pubs/hotels that he is currently overseeing.

I have also spoken to Tickety Boo, who are in the process of setting up Serve Wise and Serve Wise Plus courses for us.

Thank you once again and I hope that your other clients will be as successful as we have been due to your expertise and enthusiasm.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours faithfully

Mr John McGuire

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