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Terec Company develops hi-tech aid for job seekers

by Jeremy Cresswell

A NORTH-EAST new-start firm has developed an information database which, it says, will help job seekers find the employment of their choice, while also giving breathing space to sort out training that may be necessary.

It is expected to be especially valuable for youngsters in their final year at school.

And discussions are being held with local authorities from Fife to Highlands and Islands, with a view to their also adopting Terec.

By September next year, the system’s founder, George Kerr, hopes to have gone national, creating 30-40 new jobs in various UK locations.

Mr Kerr’s interest in the employment market stems from working with Ridgeway Training, his job at Moray College being to motivate the long and short-term unemployed back to work. He later worked directly for the college and ran its satellite office in Aberdeen.

The challenge has always been to find the best way of helping such people. What started as a paper exercise getting individuals to research companies moving to, expanding or starting up in Aberdeen and then getting the right training, evolved into Mr Kerr exploring ways of setting up a database highlighting such over the horizon opportunities. The information, often sourced from newspaper job-creation stories, would then be passed on to schools, colleges, universities, employment services, drop-in centres and outreach centres.

"I copyrighted the idea in January 1997 and started the business in July 1999 with my own personal funds and a great deal of help and understanding from the Bank of Scotland," said Mr Kerr, who is based in Aberdeen.

"The Terec database is designed primarily to help job seekers find the employment of their choice and also give them the timescale to source out any training or educational requirements to fulfil the position.

"By doing this, the prospective employee is showing that he or she has the initiative and get-up and go every employer looks for in their staff.

"He or she will also save the company money in training, advertising and recruitment."

Mr Kerr said Terec was also a powerful tool for companies to use, but that it did not duplicate services offered by the Government’s JobCentre network.

Rather, it was designed to be complementary.

His firm currently employs five, but sees this growing rapidly over the coming year or so.

With help from the Design

Partnership in Aberdeen, he is

also developing an Internet-based Terec service, which is expected

to be ready for launching in the Spring.

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