The long term unemployed

TEREC will help to plan the long term unemployed the way back into work but more importantly it will be the employment of their Choice. By working together with their client advisors and/or training organisations they will have access to the system which will identify what is moving into the local area and allow them the opportunity to apply for the job before it has been advertised and will therefore show any future employer that they are motivated and willing to learn new or update their existing skills.

The new Welfare to Work programmes working with TEREC will hand the Choices of employment back to the individual and will help to identify the employment that they wish to pursue. It will give them the time scale to build their confidence, self-esteem and the motivation to go back into training and/or education knowing the they have a job at the end of it.

They will be encouraged to apply for their ILA which will help them fund any new skills and qualifications/certificates that may help them develop as they move forward. Contact the ILA

1.      Trained for the position of employment.

2.      Job satisfaction because it is the employment of your choice.

3.      Trained for the job that you want.

4.      Knowing that there is a job after training.

5.      The right company to work for.

6.      The need to continue training/education.

7.      Confidence grows.

8.      Self-belief that you can learn new skills and someone wants to employ you.

9.      Motivated to do the training and to do well.

10.  A much more positive outlook in life which will have a knock-on effect in   your social life.

11.  Their stress levels will be substantially reduced as you will have the opportunity to meet with your future colleagues before you start work.

12.  You will have the timescale to introduce yourself back into the employment market

13.  But most important, it will be the employment of your Choice


Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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