Welfare2Work Benefits  


1.Trained for the position of employment.

2.Job satisfaction because it is their choice.

3.Trained for the job that they want.

4.Knowing that there is a job after training.

5.The right company to work for.

6.The need to continue training/education.

7.Confidence grows.

8.Self-belief that they can learn new skills and someone wants to employ them.

9.Motivated to do the training and to do well.

10.  A much more positive outlook in life which will have a knock- on effect in their social life.

11.  Their stress levels will be substantially reduced as they will have the opportunity to meet with their    future colleagues before they start work.

12.  They will have the timescale to introduce themselves back into the employment market

13.  It is their Choice

1.Better trained staff
2.Trained for the position of employment
3.Programme of training designed by employers
4.Employees productive from day one
5.Lower production cost
6.Less wastage
7.Higher quality of products
8.Better customer care
9.Employment satisfaction (employee)
10.Low absenteeism.
11.Lower training costs
12.Lower recruitment costs
13.A good investment for future training.
14.Higher staff morale
Schools, Colleges and Universities
1.More students going through education.
2.More students leaving and going into full-time employment.
3.Better grades.
4.More students going into higher education.
5.Better employer/education relationship.
6.Student satisfaction.
7.Less absenteeism.
8.Stress levels reduced.
9.More investment through employer sponsorship.
10.Continued growth.
1.They will be able to research companies that are expanding     in their area looking for their skills.
2.Better relationship with employers as they will have employees leaving their employ knowing that they have another job to go to.
3.Better union/employer relationship.
4.Fewer people going onto the unemployment register.
5.Their redundancy pay remains theirs.
6.They have the opportunity to upgrade their skills for the future jobs that they have researched.
7.Less stress for all concerned when redundancies take place

1.More people going into self-employment.
2.They will be able to tender for the work that they want to do before a competitor.
3.Be able to raise the funds required knowing that they have completed the tender stage and be able to show this to banks and or fund raisers.
4.Cash-flow reduced because they will not have goods stacked on shelves.
5.Being able to plan future growth.
6.Having the opportunity to get the right staff at reduced training costs.
7.Being to assess any future employee before they employ them therefore making sure that they have the right person for the job in hand.


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