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There is a great problem and it is growing at the end of term each year with more and more students falling into the NEET (see NEET) situation because the economic growth of an area is not being identified to help plan the future career development of those leaving education and moving into employment. TEREC was designed to help foretell what is moving into an area so that the proper steps can be taken to adjust the final year of education and to allow the students to apply for a job that is of their Choice before they leave education and which will help them to get to the interview, be offered the job and then get any training or education that the future employer may wish to be included for the position that is on offer. By doing this we can raise the self-esteem, confidence and the motivation for the students to continue with their education to enhance and develop their chosen career. Handing the Choice to them and giving them the required back-up can only be a good thing for all and help to reduce the NEET problem. The system will help them build their first CV and which will be available to all companies registered with TEREC. The benefits will be:

TEREC can help Schools, Colleges and Universities plan their curriculum to adapt and recognise the skills gaps and the training that will be required to fulfill them. By doing this a careers advisor will have at their finger tips the tool which will help to plan a student from entering College or Univeristy through to leaving and going into employment,

The Schools will be able to guide their students by being able to identify the educational requirements needed from the Modern Apprenticeship to further educational needs knowing what the student requires to meet their career goals. They can then work in tandem with others to help reduce NEET,

1.      More students going through education.

2.      More students leaving and going into full-time employment.

3.      Better grades.

4.      More students going into higher education.

5.      Better employer/education relationship.

6.      Student satisfaction.

7.      Less absenteeism.

8.      Stress levels reduced.

9.      More investment through employer sponsorship.

10.  Continued growth.


Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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