Regeneration strategy

“Successful regeneration – the lasting transformation for the better of places and communities – is central to achieving the Executive’s main goal of sustainable economic growth. It lies at the heart of the programme to build a better Scotland. By generating growth and employment, it has a real contribution to make tackling the poverty and disadvantage that blight the most deprived communities and close the opportunity gap. The devolved Scottish government is committed to maximising Scotland’s potential for regeneration, and to making it work for the benefit of Scotland’s people”Scottish Executive: Regeneration Policy Statement


The TEREC Service is designed to identify forthcoming job vacancies throughout the UK before they are advertised to the public. The TEREC system looks ahead at the future state of the labour market and employers’ requirement for particular skills e.g. in Aberdeenshire in 2010, Trump International Golf Links Scotland will be building 2 championship golf courses, a five-star hotel, state-of-the-art golf academy, in addition to golf practice facilities, spa, villas and a regal clubhouse thereby creating at least 900 jobs. The aim is to support and prepare people to get and sustain meaningful and rewarding jobs. The jobseeker will be able to identify forthcoming jobs on the TEREC Service and have a “window” of time before the interview to prepare themselves for it through training and education. As the jobseeker will have chosen to work with the employer this will produce a committed employee with the appropriate skills.


By working in partnership with the following organisations - Trump International Golf Links Scotland, Aberdeen City Council, Job Centre Plus, Individual Learning Account (ILA) and the Scottish Executive – we will provide a framework for creating a smooth and effective pathway that will assist people into work, education and training to reduce unemployment in Aberdeen and other specific geographic areas. Work improves health, self-esteem, self-confidence and therefore brings many benefits to the individual and wider community.


With the above organisations building and developing strong partnerships a framework can be developed for all our complementary aims to enable those people in the community who are economically inactive to get back into work and bring a wider Choice of work opportunities to them. Together we can make a strong contribution to community regeneration in Aberdeen and other areas through improvements in employability and help to deliver the Scottish Executive’s objective of “regenerating the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods so that people living there can take advantage of job opportunities and improve their quality of life”.

Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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