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Having a greater understanding of the economic development of the local, regional and national areas will help greatly for the Business Enterprises and Business Gateways to help guide new business start-ups and SMEs expansion. The TEREC system will allow them to help plan the growth of any new business start-up by being able to identify what is moving into any given area and being able to understand the company needs to fulfil that expansion. They will be able to tender for the business before others which will allow them to build a more solid foundation for their new business. It will reduce cash flow outgoings. They will also be able to work with Training Organisations and Learning Centres which will help incoming companies the opportunity to get the right staff at reduced training costs and therefore ensuring that properly trained staff is available and ready for the positions being created.

1.      Better return for investment.

2.      Better employer/Enterprise relationship.

3.      Better training Providers.

4.      Higher standards of training providers.

5.      Greater investment from training providers to update their resources.

6.      Better training facilities.

7.      More clients looking at self-employment.

8.      Lower running costs.


Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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