Starting up your own business

If you have ever thought of starting up your own business no matter what it is then having access to TEREC is the ideal tool to use to help you build a more positive business plan and proposal to help raise funding either through the banks or venture capital. By knowing what the economic development of your local area is and the businesses that are thinking of expanding into it will offer you the ideal opportunity to tender for business and therefore helping you to fulfil your company's Aims and Objectives. It will help reduce your cash flow outgoings as you will be able to have more control on your stock levels.

  1. More people going into self-employment.

  2. They will be able to tender for the work that they want to do before a competitor.

  3. Be able to help raise the funds required knowing that they have completed the tender stage and be able to show this to banks and or venture capital funding.

  4. Cash-flow reduced because they will not have goods stacked on shelves.

  5. Being able to plan future growth.

Having the opportunity to get the right staff at reduced training costs.Being able to assess any future employee before you employ them therefore making sure that they have the right person for the job in hand. TEREC will help reduce the costs on recruitment and training  per employee which will be a significant saving for any new business and will allow them a time scale to establish their business, have the staff that they need properly trained and qualified to the standards required to help grow and move the business forward.

Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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