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The Government plans to restructure the welfare-to-work system by introducing a new scheme called the Work Programme which will replace the existing New Deal back-to-work programmes. It is scheduled to be rolled out nationally by summer 2011. The system is currently in a state of transition between the New Deal schemes of the previous Government.

Work Programme is the new Coalition Government policy that aims to provide education, training and employment programmes for the unemployed and these will include;

·         long-term unemployed

·         single parents

·         health-related benefit claimants

·         NEET 18 to 24 (Not in Employment, Education or Training)

·         Disabled through learning and or physical

The service delivery will be outsourced to a mix of private, public and voluntary sector organisations all of which get funded largely on result outcomes.

It is the task of TEREC (Training & Educational Requirements for Employment Choices) to incorporate all that the new Coalition Government are putting in place to replace those currently being used and to help all partner groups achieve their targets. We have also put in place the Responsible Redundancy Programme to help to plan job loses by sourcing Potential and Unadvertised employment opportunities therefore reducing the stress, strain and anxiety that this has for all concerned.

In the meantime, the type of compulsory programmes available varies by area. In roughly half of Great Britain the Flexible New Deal is in operation (for all those unemployed for at least 12 months); in the other half, the programmes are the New Deal for Young People (for those aged 18-24 and unemployed for at least 6 months) and the New Deal 25+ (for those aged 25-59 and unemployed for at least 18 months). Other voluntary programmes such as New Deal 50+, New Deal for Partners and New Deal for Lone Parents are also available.

Additional programmes and support packages are also on offer to eligible individuals: the Young Person’s Guarantee, which includes the Future Jobs Fund, directed at those aged 18-24; Pathways to Work, the New Deal for Disabled People and Work Choice for those with a disability or a health condition; and the Six Month Offer package of measures, available to all.

·         They will ensure that Jobseeker's Allowance claimants facing the most significant barriers to work are referred to the new Work Programme immediately.

·         They will ensure that receipt of benefits for those able to work is conditional upon their willingness to work.

·         They will re-assess all current Incapacity Benefit claimants for their readiness to work.

·         They will support would be entrepreneurs through another new programme - called Work for Yourself - which will give unemployed access to business mentors and start-up loans.

·         They will develop local Work Clubs - places where unemployed people can gather to exchange skills, find opportunities, make contacts and provide mutual support.

·         They will investigate how to simplify the benefits system to improve incentives to work.

Currently there are 492,548 Potential Employment 'Choices' available to our clients

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