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TEREC is an economic service that identifies what is moving in and out of the local, regional and national areas and therefore will identify the skills, training and education that will be required to fulfil the positions that will be created. By doing this we can ensure that we have the right people properly trained and ready for work, reducing these costs to the business' wishing to expand into the area.

Everyone who uses the TEREC service will benefit and these will include: The unemployed • The disabled • Schools, Colleges & Universities • New business start-ups • Company expansion •Franchising • The local Enterprise • Redundancies • Companies reducing workforce • Leaving prison and helping them back into society • Leaving the Armed Forces • Employers • Training Providers • The Regeneration of Communities as they will be able to plan and help to entice companies to come and expand in their areas by being able to help them plan their workforce.

The TEREC service is a tool to be used by all and in doing so will help those working with us to expand and grow with much more positive outcomes. The money that is invested by the Government in training and education that is required to help people get back into work will have a more positive return with more people getting the right Training and/or Education for the skills Required to fulfil the positions that are being created for their Employment Choices.

Alex Salmond. (Former First Minister for Scotland) when he first assessed this programm he said "With further backing this concept has the potential to make a valuable contribution to the employment service industry, if not revolutionise the way jobseekers currently seek employment."

Stewart Stevenson, (Former Director of Technology and Innovation, Bank of Scotland) "The idea represented by TEREC product is sound. The benefits delivered by the product are entirely consistent with current public policy objectives and support the development of life-long learning. The true potential of this system far out-weighs this short report that I have written. The "Intellectual Property Rights" represented by this product arises from the capturing of the "Future" employment opportunities thereby identifying prospective persons who might fill these positions and creating the time within which they may receive the appropriate training to enable them to apply for the positions being created.